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Between Earth and Heaven

Hammock swing chairs for home and garden, recreation and decor. Add lightness and comfort to your daily routine with one of ours hammock chairs, and it will become the signature of your residence or garden.

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Relaxating hammock chairs for the house and garden and for interior and exterior design

A textile-based modern Hammock chair is a first in leisure design. The Hammock chair is a genuinely magnificent piece of furniture that resembles a hammock, but is far superior to it because it allows you to experience peaceful sensations in your lounge, rear garden, on your terrace, or simply outside by the sea or lake, between earth and sky.

The Hammock chair is an eye-catching piece of furniture for the space. In today’s market in Latvia and all over the world, it is a proud, luxurious, and relaxing product.

What a thoughtful and generous present!


Hammock chair as a design element

Styled design aspects are important to consider if you wish to break away from the standard interior conventions. A hanging hammock chair offers a more unique seating option than a typical lounge chair since it creates a pleasant and tranquil ambiance in the room for quiet moments of relaxation.

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Want to Relax in Style?

As a result, we offer you a hanging hammock swing chair – a perfect, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that’s tailored to your preferences and needs. It is appropriate for use in both private and public settings.

A wonderful gift for the whole family

Select your Hammock chair. The ideal companion for meditation, simple relaxation, reading, and magical moments in nature.

Pamper Your Loved Ones

The wonderful emotions evoked by a smooth, light swing in a hammock chair will be long remembered.

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Between earth and sky, a peaceful, pleasant, and beautiful slumber. We are concerned with your well-being and reestablishing tranquillity following a hectic and stressful day.

Visit the Our Creative Workshop

On weekdays from 9-18; communication 7/24, you may examine, select, and test chosen hammock chairs at the AIX workshop.

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We Will Turn Your Ideas Into Reality

Numerous fabric and cord color options, limitless design and style possibilities. At all times, provide relaxation opportunities for yourself and your family. Select the swing chair that is right for you!

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