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Hammock chair for home and garden, interior and relaxation.

A modern hammock chair made of textile materials is an exclusive innovation in the field of leisure design. The hammock chair is a truly luxurious outdoor furniture, reminiscent of a hammock, but far superior to the sky and earth – relaxing sensations can be realized in your lounge, backyard garden, on the terrace or simply outdoors by the sea or lake. This is a rocking chair that originated recently – in South America – only for about 35 years … Its materials and shapes are constantly supplemented by new inventions of creative people, they do not put up with hanging a simple fishing net between two trees that have been known in the world for centuries …

Are you looking for the most stylish and exclusive way to relax in your living room? Then you need a hanging hammock chair. We can help you find it perfect and unique

Add fun and comfort to your living with one of these amazing hammock chairs, and it will become the signature of your living room or garden.


1 It is comfortable – with all the comfort features, you can very easily spend all your free time on a hammock chair, feeling comfortable. All you have to do is find a comfortable posture in which to spend time reading a book or just fall asleep.

2 It is durable and stable. A strong and well-designed metal frame/stand guarantees safety and stability. Without worrying about the rocking of the hammock chair, as a result, you enjoy bliss as being on your mother’s lap, giving you peace and sleep.

3 The metal stand is resistant to various weather conditions. Our biggest, most comfortable hammock chair. The hammock chair is designed for one person – a solo version, but it gives enough space. So you can sit in a position with your legs straight or sit crosswise, adding a few more pillows …

Beautiful and warm rocking chair, ideal place for cold winter days, manufacturer SIA AI.X from Latvia (www.aix.lv)

Its capacity is 100-120 kg … (140 kg – special order). There are suitable cushions for each hammock chair. The chair has a special added value due to the extension of the legs, which allows the body to really stretch and relax, restore blood circulation to continue the dynamic workflow.

So it largely depends on your personal needs and capabilities, what kind of hammock chair, and its type of hanging you choose. The fact is that the slight sway caused by the movements of the hammock chair is unbeatable on the relaxation scale. You can hang it from the ceiling. But if you do not want to deal with cords, anchors, tools, ropes, and screws, you can choose “all in one” – a stand with an anchor …

A natural tree branch has a stain/paint layer to protect it from changing and adverse weather conditions.

Hammock chairs provide a style and relaxation mood in any interior. Today, it is probably the most comfortable chair of all types of hammock chairs in the world!

Add color, ingenuity, and comfort to your living space with one of these amazing hammock chairs and they will become the signature of your living room or garden.

Quality product, made in Latvia, fine handwork.

More info www.aix.lv

A wonderful gift!

The set includes: * Hammock Chair * Two large pillows * Small decorative pillow * Natural wooden branch 1.1m * Cord * Hook * Bag / package * Instructions

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