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Hammock chair instructions


The warranty period of the rocking chair is two years (a warranty card, check or invoice with the date of sale is required). The warranty does not cover damage or defects caused by improper use or handling, as well as natural wear and tear. The rocking chair you buy is meticulously handmade, using natural raw materials such as linen, wool, cotton and wood. When using natural materials, it is not possible to completely avoid slightly irregular colors and shapes of the material, such insignificant changes are not covered by the warranty.

Please read the instructions for use, care, and storage. When the rocking chair is used and cared for properly, you will experience pleasant moments of rest for a long period of time.



1 The hammock chair is intended for resting in a semi-reclining or sitting position, both outdoors and indoors.

2 Hammock chairs may only be installed by adults.

3 The maximum load of the hammock chair must not be exceeded – 100/110 kg, overload will damage it.

4 The hammock chair attachment must be durable – 2/3 times the capacity of the hammock chair.

5 The fastening parts of the hammock chair must not have sharp, rough edges that would promote friction and wear of the parts.

6 When choosing the mounting points for the hammock chair, please make sure that it is in free space – within a radius of 1 meter.

7 Make sure that there are no sharp, hard, or pointed objects under the hammock chair.

8 Note that after prolonged use of the hammock chair, its overall length may stretch slightly. It is important to make the mount adjustable when choosing mounting points.

9 The hammock chair must not be installed or used near an open flame.

Use, storage, care, repair

1 Children may use the hammock chair only under adult supervision.

2 Avoid exposing the hammock chair to moisture. However, if it remains wet, the hammock chair must be dried. Never store it wet, wrapped, as mold stains may appear on the fabric. These fabric mold stains can significantly reduce the strength of the rocking chair and damage its visual appearance.

3 Avoid unnecessary exposure of the hammock chair to UV rays, the color will fade and the durability will decrease.

4 Wash dirt and stains on the fabric by hand in warm water up to 30 ° C with mild detergent. To keep the colors bright, add a tablespoon of salt to the water. Please note that your hammock chair must not be machine washed or dry cleaned.

5 It is not recommended to bleach or paint the hammock chair – the fabric may be damaged and the strength of the fabric will decrease.

6 Regularly check the attachment of the hanging device selected for the hammock chair.

7 If significant damage is found to the hammock chair, it is recommended not to use the hammock chair until the repair work is completed.

8 Dynamic overloading can occur when jumping or actively swinging in a hammock chair. As a result, it may be damaged and, as a result, the capacity of the hammock chair will decrease.

9 Excessive hammock and jumping can cause the user to fall out of the hammock chair.

10 Before using the hammock chair, make sure that there are no sharp or pointed objects in your clothes.

11 For all persons, refer to the operating instructions and safety instructions before using the hammock chair

12 Carefully save this leaflet for future reference

13 If you lend the hammock chair to another person, give that person the instructions for use as well.

14 Do not modify the hammock chair yourself in any way. Use specialist help to repair the hammock chair.


The hammock chair is not a toy – do not swing and jump!

Do not leave children unattended in the hammock chair!

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