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Hammock chair – 670 Bluish Gray


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Between earth and sky, a peaceful, pleasant, and beautiful slumber. We are concerned with your well-being and reestablishing tranquillity following a hectic and stressful day.

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A modern hammock chair made of textile materials is an exclusive innovation in the field of leisure design. The hammock chair is a truly luxurious piece of furniture, reminiscent of a hammock, but far superior to it. Enjoy heaven and earth – relaxing in your lounge, backyard or garden, on the terrace or just outdoors by the sea or lake. This is a hammock chair, the origin of which is recent – only for about 35 years … Its materials and shapes are constantly supplemented by new inventions of creative people, they are far from a simple fishing net hung between two trees known in the world for centuries …

The hammock chair is an expressive interior decor of the premises. It is a proud, luxurious and relaxing product, in demand in today’s market in Latvia and around the world. A wonderful gift!

ORIGIN – The hammock in its usual sense has been known in the world for centuries … Its homeland is considered to be South America, the vastness of Nicaragua. But a modern hammock chair has only been known for about 35 years. Their materials and shapes are constantly being supplemented with the ideas of young, creative people, they are far from a simple net of fishermen hung between two trees that have been known in the world for centuries.

Modern versions of hammock chairs are made in Latvia, in the workshop of AI.X SIA (ANNO 2007), 100% handmade.



NATURAL / DURABLE MATERIALS – made of textile materials of one or more colors, cotton, linen, tarpaulin. The set includes a natural tree branch – each is individual, unique and exclusive – the tree branches are obtained in Latvian forests and gardens. Strong cords and threads are used. The pillows are filled with a sintepon / porolone / foam mixture, but can be filled with wool or a fragrant hay. Standard hammock chair capacity 110-120 kg.

STANDS – The hammock chair can also be mounted on a stand. This has the advantage of placing the chair in different places – if necessary – indoors, on the terrace or in the green area of ​​the garden. Relaxing outdoors is a good and healthy way to recharge yourself for the next day.

BENEFITS – With the rapid growth of modern life dynamics and daily routine, we tend to forget about the health of our body, mind and spirit. That’s why we have developed a relaxing product – a hammock chair that will bring peace to your mind and body to relax, recharge your energy, remove stress and tension, while adding an elegant design accessory to your home. Your radiance, enthusiasm and energy will be amazing and definitely noticed by others, so family members, friends, colleagues and also pets will be happy.



RELAXING – The chair fits perfectly not only in any garden or on the terrace under the roof, but also indoors, giving an absolute glamorous signature to your home. Hammock chairs give peace of mind and a complete feeling of freedom for the mind, body and spirit. Enjoy the light feeling of peace by “disconnecting” from the world, “recharging” energy levels for the next day. The main benefits are the smooth arrangement of your thoughts, the restoration of energy and the reduction of stress. Relaxing and recharging is as important as working and performing your responsibilities.

EXCLUSIVE DESIGN – made of different textile materials, creating romantic, ascetic or bohemian atmosphere and/or options, making it an exclusive innovation in the field of leisure design. These chairs are truly luxurious furniture, reminiscent of a hammock, but far superior to it. A hammock chair adds and complements a sophisticated accent to your home or garden as a unique and luxurious accessory.

STRENGTH AND ELEGANCE – The set of the hammock swing chair includes a natural tree branch 1.1 m, which was found in Latvian pine forests; in orchards, during their care; washed by the sea or perfectly made in master workshops. Various textiles, strong cotton, jute or synthetic cords used; specially ordered durable threads and woven ribbons. The exquisite product consists of added accessories: buttons, pompoms, bouquets and woven, decorative material.

VERSATILE – Hammock chairs are widely used for the convenience of camping visitors, in nature by the sea, lake, work recreation area and offices. Hammock chairs are positively appreciated by small children, seniors and also pets. You will not want to leave the hammock chair, enjoying the fabulous feelings of this kind of heavenly comfort.



APPLICABILITY – hammock chairs are designed for recreation with children, outdoor trips and pampering pets or relaxation alone – solo version – for reading books. Lovers of the astral world will enjoy a unique pleasure, enjoying peaceful meditation, allowing a momentary stillness and a feeling of freedom between earth and sky. Hammock chairs will be perfect for adults, children, relatives, friends, colleagues, pets and guests … for everyone who needs to recharge their energy levels, regain strength for further work at home or relax during work breaks. It provides deep sleep and unique relaxation. The hammock chair can easily be transformed into a baby cradle for babies – for sweeter sleep, so that the new mother can rest for a long time without interruption.


A GREAT GIFT – a hammock chair is an expressive interior decor in the premises. It is a proud, luxurious and relaxing product, demanded by modern society in Latvia and around the world.

✅ It is useful for young parents, while expecting a baby and long after the baby is born.

✅ Grandparents will be happy to spend time quietly in front of the TV, reading books or doing handicrafts – knitting socks for grandchildren.

✅ A wonderful gift to surprise the newlyweds on their wedding day.

✅ A fantastic rest in a hammock chair will be the time after visiting the sauna. Hanging on the branch next to the sauna, it will perfectly perform both practical and decorative functions.

✅ You can sit still in a hammock chair with a glass of wine in your hand and talk to your friends. At present, several hammock chairs have been hung on several terraces of private houses to welcome friends.



INDIVIDUAL ORDERS – Hammock chairs are made according to the customer’s individual wishes, and needs. We are ready to implement our customers’ various requirements, ideas and wishes. The company’s employees want to give customers joy and light, so that they can forget for a second all the moments of anxiety and tension that have accumulated during the day. We want to give everyone the opportunity to fulfill their wishes and show that there are beautiful colors, warm emotions and dreams in life. Occasionally, it is useful to “disconnect” from your daily life / routine and rise above the limits of the physical world to balance your inner world using meditation, reading a book or simply balance your currents of mind and calm your thoughts.

* It is possible to increase the capacity of the hammock chair by incorporating additional mounts.

* It is possible to make hammock chairs of different sizes: for children, standard sizes and large.

* It is possible to choose fabrics by matching the hammock chair to the customer’s place of residence.

* It is possible to make a hammock chair from the customer’s material, according to the design samples selected by the customer.

* It is possible to choose cord colors.

* It is possible to make the hammock chair a sitting, half-wave or sleeping variation – as a children’s cradle, for example, used for yachts.

* It is possible to make pillows in the required quantity, there is no limit to the size of the pillows.

* It is possible to order a hammock chair as a gift, we make it and send it to the specified address in Latvia and all over the world.

* It is possible to upgrade, repair or renew additional design elements of the hammock chair and cushions.

For individual orders call +371 29109319.

Fabrics and other material can be viewed in AI.X workshop at J.Rozentāla iela 15, Druva, Saldus pagasts.



EASY CARE – It is recommended to wash the hammock chair by hand, you can use special upholstery care foam + sprinkle with a brush and rinse with water, dry. The pillows have an adhesive tape closure, which makes it easier to care for the covers. Follow the information in the instructions.

SET – Hammock chair, two large pillows, one small pad, hook for reinforced concrete ceiling, jute cord, natural wooden branch, instructions, bag / box.

PACKAGING AND DELIVERY – Used cardboard box (packaging for sending) or bag (for receiving on site in Latvia). Parcel delivery with the door-to-door express service and secure electronic payments are ensured throughout Latvia and the world. The product is carefully packaged to ensure that the quality of the hammock chair is maintained during the transportation – without damaging the product and its properties.



Pillow (small/decor) 0.25 x 0.3 m
Pillow (large) 0.7 x 0.8 m (adjustable)
Šūpuļkrēsls- Bērnu 1.4 x 1.4 + 0.65 m (length for stretching legs)
Šūpuļkrēsls- Standarts 1.5 x 1.45 + 0.75 m (length for stretching legs)
Šūpuļkrēsls- Liels 1.7 x 1.45 + 0.85 m (length for stretching legs)
Stand New collection of hammock chair stands coming soon
Color As you wish (optional)
Material Rigid textile, soft / coarse upholstery fabric, strong cords
Pillows Used sintepon / foam / porolone mixture, can be filled with fresh and fragrant hay or wool
Weight 12 – 13 kg
Capacity (Standard) 110 – 120 kg



  1. Open the package and place all parts and constructions separately;
  2. Start by tying the knot to the rope to ensure stability;
  3. Pass the rope through the holes made in the ends of the tree branch;
  4. Secure the rope at the ends of the tree branch by tying knots on each side;
  5. Hang the prepared branch on the fixed hook on the ceiling or stand;
  6. Attach the hammock chair on the ends of the tree branch and it is ready for use.


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Weight 13 kg


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